We are a manufacturing concern in the field of Industrial Brushes. After being in the industry since 1975, we have an enormous experience of over 35 years. Our wide range encompasses Cotton-Cloth Brush, Abrasive Felt Brush, Leather Felt Brush, Polishing Discs, Polishing Wheels, Felt Polishing Wheel, Non-Woven Flap Wheels, Woollen Fibre Brush and various other industrial brushes.
Our products find wide applications in various industries and are reckoned by our clients for their quality and reliability. Owing to our credible market position, we have been able to set benchmarks for ourselves and become the preferred choice of our clients spread across the country, and across borders.

We are the prime manufacturers of the kinds of brushes, meant for the following Industries:

  • Shoe Industry
  • Leather goods Industry
  • Sole Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Heels, Wedges, Veneers and Belts Industries
  • Saddlery Industry
  • Electrical Goods Industries

We, at Magnum Products, have always maintained a 'No Compromise With Quality' attitude, and have always been promising.
  • Cotton Cloth Brush

    We have a wide range of Cotton Cloth Brushes that are made using cotton fabric. Available in various sizes and dimensions, these Cotton Cloth Brushes can be used for a variety of industries like shoes, soles, leather goods, metal, and electrical. These ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Cotton Cloth Brushes are used with abrasive waxes and polishing waxes, and are offered to our clients in various sizes.
    Cotton Cloth Brush is also available in the stitched form, giving it higher density.
    Standard Size:
    300mm x 100mm
    450mm/375mm/175mm x 50 folds/60 folds x required ID (used in the Electrical Goods Industry)

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  • Woollen Fibre Brush

    Available with us, are woollen fibre brushes that are made from supreme qualitative woollen fibres. Used with polishing wax for variety of industrial products, these woollen fibre brushes are offered to our clients in various sizes and dimensions.

    Standard Size:
    300mm x 100mm
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  • Abrasive & Felt Brush

    It is made of superior quality of Abrasive (Sand Paper) and Woollen Felt. It is used for the following purposes:
    Snuffing, Polishing and Cutting.
    Regular Sizes:
    Diameter: 175mm
    Thickness: 100mm, 75mm, 45mm
    Grit: As required

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  • Leather & Felt Brush

    Fabricated using hard leather and woollen felt of superior quality, our range of leather felt brushes is basically used for giving smoother finishes to heels, leather belts, saddlery and other industrial goods. Known for its unsurpassed quality, our leather felt Brush is subject to customization as per the specifications laid down by our clients.

    Regular Sizes:
    Diameter: 175 and 100mm
    Thickness: 75mm, 50mm, 45mm, 25 mm
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  • Regular Pleated Brush

    Regular Pleated brushes are made of high quality cotton cloth. They are used to brush-off leather goods, and smoothening the edges of leather soles. It is also variously used in metal and other industries.
    Regular Sizes:
    Diameter: 300mm
    Thickness (number of plies): As per the requirement

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  • Small Round Brushes

    These are basically used for edge finishing of leather belts.

    • Military Green Woollen Felt Brush
    • Leather & Woollen Felt Brush
    • White Woollen Felt, available in various densities.
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